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First Appearance

Den of Thieves

Yin-Icor is a monster that turns people into stone.


It is a giant robotic dinosaur, with four legs and two arms. It has a horn on its head, and fins down its back. It is able to sense RaDosians, even when invisibly hidden under a thieve's cloak.

Its eye is powered by two crystals on the sides of its head, which give it the ability to turn people to stone. It uses its long tail to break the stone of its victims.


The Yin-Icor was kept by the Rougon thieves, to dispose of unwanted trespassers or traitors. The thieves held it in a well so it couldn't harm them. When they were going to kill Adam with it, he used his Phase Stone to allow the creature to escape and attack the Rougon.


  • It was featured in a Di-Gata Defenders booster pack.