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The Tower

The Wizard Towers were built after the Ethos war, meant for the Wizards of Yan to reconnect with the sky.

Though meant as a place of healing and knowledge, the Wizards installed a number of gun turrets just in case of attack.

Doku's UseEdit

An abandoned tower was taken by Doku and his cohorts but they didn't have the necessary codes to operate it. Fortunately for them, Adam had the codes and inputed them one by one. Doku managed to copy the codes to take full control of the tower and sent it to Arboth to harvest its di-gata energy.

Using a device called Regenesis, he regenerated his right hand and eye. His further plans were to travel beyond Rados but that required Di-Gata Defender energy. It just so happened that Seth, corrupted by his mech arm, was the perfect subject. But when Seth realizes what he had done, he reversed the energy flow, restoring Arboth and then smashed the Regenesis device, bringing the tower down to the ground.


  • Nazmul's keep is a Wizard Tower.