Von Faustien







First Appearance

Von Faustien

Voiced by

Andrew Jackson

Von Faustien is an Ethos hunter who uses advanced technology to trap or destroy rogue Sigil Slayers that remained after the Ethos were banished.


When he was young, his entire family was killed by Sigil Slayers, which gives him the motivation to protect RaDos from these creatures. He mainly hunts with a specialized gun called the "Avenger", which removes the ectoplasmic essence from the Sigil Slayers to trap them in containment units.

However, in his intense pursuit he does not take into consideration other lives around him. He would even go as far as taking down an Ethos even if there was an innocent civilian taken hostage or within the area of effect of the weapon.

Celestial AbyssEdit

When the Defenders meet him, they decide to seek his help getting the first Icon of the Celestial Abyss. As well, Erik seeks his help in regards to his invention - a weapon that can bide the power of an incoming attack and send it back at the attacker. He ends up giving him an energy flux crystal to contain its power.

While they try to take the first Icon from Lady K'tahsh, Von Faustien abandons the Defenders to hunt her down instead of fighting the Desiccator. He was also willing to destroy ten miles of Port Rivas with an Annihilator Stone, simply to destroy her.


It was also revealed that he had an Ethos parasite living inside his body, the source of his radical behaviour. K'tahsh uses her powers to awaken the Ethos inside and he becomes possessed by its presence. Before he and K'tahsh escape with the Icon, Erik used Von Faustien's weapon against him and extracted the Ethos from his body, freeing him from possession. Erik then uses his upgraded weapon to release the energy from the Annihilator Stone into the sky, saving Rivas from being destroyed.