Vitus is the sigil of Renewal. It represents a spring of water, thrusting up through the two layers of the Realm; the physical and the metasigical.

The Ninth Sigil has no known opposite, which makes it a very unbalanced and combustible power. Therefore, it will only function once before the stone will be consumed.

The SigilEdit

It is rumoured to have been created by a mysterious stone carver in the Kingdoms of Maligor, and has thus become a legend. Few have ever seen it, and even fewer have used its enigmatic power. Encompassing the powers of renewal (and death which is merely a stage of renewal), it is said Vitus can bring the dead back to life and grow crops for thousands to eat. But as there is no recorded use of the sigil that can be confirmed, its power remains a mystery.

There is a popular folk tale that claims that the Amican Forest was create by a Vitus Stone cast by Kor-Yinan to create a magical retreat for the Wizards of Yan, but there is nothing to substantiate this.


Opposite Sigil:

  • None

Used By:


  • None