The Zads


Ethos, Dako

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The Road Less Traveled

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The Zads are a mysterious race of humanoid anteaters.


The Zads are quite small, but highly agile. They are armed with whips, that cause temporary paralysis, and have the strength to break shields in one hit. Their only known spells involve a missle which explodes into a quicksand-like liquid, and summoning Dark Serpents.

Defenders' AidEdit

When the Defenders were trying to defeat the Order of Infinis, a specific Zad acts as a helper to the Defenders. This Zad first appears at the monastery of Amos-Yan and leads them to an elevator shaft. It does this after it searches through and devours a portion of the Defender's supplies.

It later appears in the location of the Dako Pure Stone, helping fight off Malco and Flinch. It even gives Kara a sigil spirit to see what is happening to Melosa. Zad also leads Kara to Madame Leizel, to a warning that was meant for Melosa. Its last helpful appearance leads the Defenders and Adam to the Infinis Army, allowing them to get access to Nazmul's Keep.

True NatureEdit

However, after the Megalith is defeated, the Zads reveal their true mission with their involvement with the Ethos. One of the Zads takes the Shift Stone from the Ethos, then goes after the Defenders. It captures Kara in a sigil-resistant cage, and sends her to the Dark Realm. In the meantime it traps Melosa and Adam in its quicksand spell, and taunts Rion into stopping Seth and Erik from saving Kara in time. The Zad is eventually tied up by Robotus and thrown into its quicksand pit, perishing within the confines of its own spell.

After the Zad dies, it leaves the Defenders the Shift Stone, which leads them to discovering that they need to find Celestial Abyss pieces. The Zads continue to fight against the Defenders trying to stop the Ethos' plan, and are only stopped when the Ethos are finally defeated.

List of SpellsEdit

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