The RaDosians
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First Appearance

Trouble in Paradise

The RaDosians are the main inhabitants of RaDos.


The current RaDosians are the descendants of those from RaDos Prime. They are very similar to their original counterparts, only the RaDos sun made their skin light, and their eye and hair colour vary. Just as the Prime RaDosians, they bear skin markings.

There are other tribes of RaDosians who are indigenous to RaDos, before the Prime RaDosians landed in the realm. Some live in secluded villages away from civilization, while others live alongside the Prime RaDosian descendants.


They were able to mine the enchanted rocks found in the mountains, recovering energy from the eight sigils. Many rocks were mined, then carved into dice-like Di-Gata stones, and these were then carved with the sigil their power contained. It was believed that the first people who used these stones of power were called the Che-Brek Tribe.

Trivia Edit

  • Casters wear gloves, as their stones get hot. 
  • RaDosians don't celebrate birthdays, they celebrate festivals. 
  • RaDos measures are no where near as accurate as modern earth measures. RaDosians are less scientific and more mystical, and tend to base measures and difficult to quantify elements (like sigil energy). 
  • RaDosians aren't elementally based, but the elemental nature of their spells will take its cue from the personality and temperament of the individual. 
  • There are many dialects and sub languages besides RaDosian. A few known languages are Binnar, Dakorian, and Bakkorian, which is a very old language based on sigils.