The Prime RaDosians
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First Appearance

The Lost Children

The Prime RaDosians are an alien race that came to RaDos.


They originated on a planet known as RaDos Prime. The planet's inhabitants were black skinned, white haired individuals with glowing blue eyes. However, these people were struck with a life-destroying Toten'Ka virus, which had spread across their planet and killed millions.

New PlanetEdit

A small team of Prime RaDosians escaped from their planet on a spaceship, to find a new home and continue their species. They soon made an emergency-landing on a new planet, caused by the stow-away Raath-Marak. They named the planet RaDos, and under RaDos' sun, their skin's dark colour turned lighter.

They eventually exiled the original inhabitants, the Mortagarians, to live under the sea. The people that live in RaDos as of the current timeline are the descendants of these Prime RaDosians.


  • In "Nightfall", it is revealed that there are RaDosians descended from people indigenous to RaDos, and then those that are descended from Prime RaDosians.