The Mortagarians



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The Empty Book

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The Mortagarians are an underwater humanoid species.


They claim they are the true inhabitants of RaDos, until humans came from their dying homeworld and took over, sending them to live in the ocean. In order to travel above water, they use an amphibious airship. The female Mortagarians are shape-shifters.

Tome of Al-MortagarEdit

They capture Kara inside a jellyfish, down in their underwater lair. They send Kali back, to infiltrate the Defenders and to find the Tome of Al-Mortagar. However, Kali fails her mission and is killed by Si'i. The Mortagarians blame the Defenders for her death, and in order to get Kara back, they must retrieve the Tome of Al-Mortagar for them in two days.

Although the Defenders fail to bring them the Tome, the Mortagarians agree to exchange Brim for Kara. Right after the Defenders hand over Brim, Lady K'tahsh attacks. The Mortagarians proceed to leave, noting that this battle is of no concern to them. As the Defenders fight off K'tahsh, Mortagarians use their airship to fire a plasma cannon in an attempt to kill them. The Defenders manage to destroy the cannon, causing the airship to crash.


Later in the Ethos' attack on the Defender's dojo, the Mortagarians arrive with a fleet of airships to wage their own war. They demand the Icons, but as Rion had already taken them, the Defenders had nothing to give. In order to make peace with the Mortagarians, Erik accepts that humans invaded their planet, and offers to give them the two Primordial sigils. However, in a show of heart, the lead Mortagarian gives the sigils back to Erik, so that he may use it for all of RaDos, and helps them fight against the Ethos.