Machine of Binding


Seal the Megalith

Bound To

Dako, Yin, Yan, Ogama

First Appearance

Dark Descent

The Machine of Binding was used to activate the power of the Pure Stones to seal the Megalith.

Purpose Edit

The machine was designed by the Wizards of Yan to seal the Megalith in cycles, each shorter than the last, while eventually culminating in sealing the Megalith for all eternity. The Defenders' mission to recast the spell would be the final time.

In "Ethos", after the Machine of Binding is destroyed, Alnar explains to the Defenders that the machine not only was meant to seal the Megalith, but it kept the Ethos sealed away in the Dark Realm. The Megalith's creation was merely a by-product of imprisoning the Ethos.

Pure StonesEdit

The Defenders travel to the Spell Zone in order to investigate the Machine of Binding. Erik discovers that the machine is still tied to the Pure Stones, and together with Mel he manages to reverse the field polarity to draw the stones to it. However, this inadvertently creates a Nega Storm so large it begins to distort the realm's sigil energy. As the storm reaches critical mass, they manage to fix the Machine's polarity and keep two Pure Stones.

By "Perfect Host", the Defenders begin to reconsider if recasting the spell is necessary, as they are unsure of the destruction the seal would cause. Mel and Erik begin the process of rebinding the Megalith as Seth fights off Nazmul, who explains to Seth that recasting the spell would destroy the realm. They decide to destroy the Machine of Binding before the spell is complete, releasing the Megalith into RaDos.