The Key


Energy Detector

Bound To


First Appearance

The Key to Victory

The Key is a large blue stone, and a detector of great energies. If it senses an energy source nearby, it will react by glowing. As it glows brighter, the source is more closer.

Pure StonesEdit

It is the only tool besides Mel's power that can find the approximate location where the Pure Stones are hiding.

The Defenders kept it after they defeated Malco. However, they lost it when Sidney forked it over to Flinch in exchange for the safe return of her mother. The Order of Infinis used the Key to track the Defender's movements after they collected the Dako Pure Stone. At one point, the Key was broken in half by Anaconduit and Kragus in their little tussle in "Doom Chase". After the key was repaired, Brackus used it to find the Defenders with Malco and Flinch in the sunken Monastery, thinking there would be a Pure Stone and Malco and Flinch may have known where one was.

Brackus collects the Ogama Pure Stone in exchange for the return of Melosa. But when Malco and Flinch were going to finish off the Defenders, a sea monster entered the room and attacked them. It grabbed Flinch and tossed him into Brackus as he was leaving. Brackus held on to the Pure Stone, but lost the Key. Seth reclaimed it before they resurfaced from the monastery.

They didn't have the Key for long when they entered the "Den of Thieves". A man bumped into Erik and swiped it from him. Later, Snare manages to get a hold of it. But things get more strange when Adam is seen holding the Key in "The Returning" with the Nova Stone. He used it to find the Yin, Yan and Dako Pure Stones, hoping to find the Defenders. As of that point, the Defenders have held on to the key, even when Adam turned over the pure stones and Kara over to Brackus to "make things right".