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Nega, Infinis, Dako

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Guardians for Sale

The Guardianizer is a rifle-sized weapon, created and developed by Si'i.


It had the power to absorb guardians into its mechanism, then release a mutant guardian, made up of both body and sigil parts of the original guardians used. However, the cost was these guardians were psychotic and couldn't distinguish allies from foes.


It was used on the Defender's guardians when they found out about his illegal operation (It is illegal in RaDos to distribute or sell Guardians unless you had some affiliation with the Gata-shin Monks or Wizards of Yan). The Guardianizer was later modified to have its effects reversed, saving the Defender's guardians from a permanent mutation.


It was later rebuilt by Flinch, into a form of a giant cannon mounted to a chain in the ground (it had the power of levitation. Dark Malco wanted to use it so he could turn Rion into a guardian, which Si'i split the beans about how this process was done.

It was able to turn Rion into a mutated and uncontrollable guardian, and it required Seth to do the same thing to control him (Seth had a spell cast on him by Melosa so he wouldn't become berserk himself). The cannon was eventually trashed by falling debris and Si'i fell into the lava pit with it, after Seth and Rion were turned back into their original forms. However, Si'i became its last victim and flew off.