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The Ethos are a monstrous species of energy vampires with evil intentions. They have an insatiable hunger for sigil energy and must feed on it to survive.

Battles in RaDosEdit

They are a race from before the time of RaDos. There is no history that speaks of their origin but from the earliest writings the conflict between the Ethos and RaDosians has been constant. Even before the Di-Gata Defenders were formed, the Wizards fought the Ethos in pitched battles that burned the realm but neither of the warring parties could gain the upper hand.

During the Yantos Cycle, the Ethos technology bred their new war machine, the Sigil Slayer. With these creatures at their service the Ethos began to push the Wizards and the Defenders back, besieging and destroying much of Yintos, turning it into the wasteland it is today. Yet all was not lost, the Wizards had already begun work on an arcane machine, the Celestial Abyss, a machine that would be capable of banishing the Ethos from RaDos. The Wizards and their allies fled to the Temple of Yan-Panos to make their last stand and the Ethos army closed in for the kill. It was here that the Celestial Abyss was activated and the Ethos trapped within the Dark Realm.

The ReturnEdit

When the Megalith was destroyed by the Defenders, it caused a force of energy powerful enough to release four Ethos back into RaDos.

Their plan is to merge both the Dark Realm and RaDos together, giving the Ethos what they desire: the Di-Gata energy they feed on, which will eliminate all life on the planet. They use the Zads and Sigil Slayers as their servants, to follow the Defenders and halt their progress in rebuilding the Celestial Abyss. They also make an alliance with Flinch, and later take over Malco's body as their host.

Trivia Edit

  • Most scholars believe the Ethos were the original energy inhabitants of RaDos, and that they degenerated into their current form.