Offensive CastsEdit

Attack Name Stone Cost Henge Description Attack Description
Bedlam Dako Warrior The Dako sigil.

Sends out one or multiple swirls of dark energy, that disable electrical devices.

Dark Anarchy

Dako Warrior,

Nega Booster (x3)

There is a Nega at each compass direction except south.

Summons a large blade of darkness. Anything enveloped in it takes damage or gets destroyed.

It can also shroud the battlefield in darkness, causing blindness.

Doom Dart Nega Warrior The Nega sigil.

Sends out a spinning knife.

Sends out small rock shards, fired like pin needles.

Doom Quake

Guardian Stone,

Dako Booster (x2)

Two Separate Dako sigils. Two energy balls strike Omnikrag's or Kragus' back, causing him to send out an earth-shattering roar.
Nega Mass

Nega Warrior,

Dako Booster (x2)

Same as Spinning Doom, but with an extra Dako underneath the first one. Sends out a tiny ball of condensed Nega energy.

Dako Warrior,

Nega Booster (x2)

Two Negas point from Dako's east and west.

Summons mechanical devices with multiple tentacles. They wrap and constrict around the opponent and turn into metal wrapping.

They can also send out electro-static discharges to pin down the opponent.

Screaming Pinwheel

Nega Warrior,

Dako Booster (x3)

The Dakos are extra horizontal bars on the Nega. Sends out a vacuum blast of white energy that spins circularly. Capable of carrying the opponent or guardians.
Spinning Doom

Nega Warrior,

Dako Booster

The horizontal bar on Nega is replaced by Dako. Sends out a spinning energy shuriken.
Twisting Chaos

Dako Warrior,

Nega Booster

Nega points downward from Dako's south.

Sends out a swirl of black energy, capable of binding the opponent.

Enhances the caster with four tentacles. These tentacles add to their mobility and physical strength by being able to lift larger objects.

These tentacles can also be released to constrict or squeeze an opponent.

Combo SpellsEdit

Attack Name Stone Cost Henge Description Attack Description
Tidal Tempest

Seth: Dako Aqua Stone,

Kara: Altas Aqua Stone,

Mel: Sum Aqua Stone,

Erik: Infinis Aqua Stone

The Altas and Infinis are placed the same way as seen in the Warrior Henge. The Dako is beneath the Infinis while the Sum is above it. Summons a tidal wave that can crash and capsize just about anything over water.
Warrior Henge (Only four Defenders are needed)

Seth: Dako or Nega Warrior, 

Mel: Yan or Sum Warrior, 

Erik: Ogama or Infinis Warrior, 

Adam: Infinis Warrior, 

Kara: Yin or Altas Warrior, 

Rion: Yin or Nega Warrior

The Warrior Henge consists of the first eight power sigils. It looks like an enormous Altas with Yin and Yan replacing the two vertical lines of Altas. Replacing the horizontal lines on the inside of the Altas is an extended Infinis. Nega is on the inside-right part of the Infinis. Sum is on the inside-left part of the Infinis. Finally, Ogama is underneath the Infinis and Dako is above it, still having space to fit inside the Altas.

Sacrifices the energy of the Defenders and their stones, to charge up one overloaded blast of energy, capable of decimiating or damaging the mightest of foes.

Was also used to super-charge Kara with power when needed.

Champion StonesEdit

Attack Name Stone Cost Henge Description Attack Description
Nova Henge Nova Champion Ogama and Nega. The Nega replaces the top Ogama bar. Sends out an enormous boost of power in the form of a blue beam.
Nova Prison Nova Champion Ogama and Nega. The Nega replaces the top Ogama bar. Traps a person's spirit and conceals them within the stone.