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The Mech-Arm is a robotic rock arm made by Erik, so Seth could remain a Defender when he sacrificed his hand to Brackus.

First ModelEdit

Erik hadn't insulated the Infinimatter meant to power the Mech-Arm, remarking that the Infinimatter is very toxic. Seth decided to put it on regardless, which quickly corrupted his mind. He was easily influenced by Doku's promise to restore his arm and was willing to destroy Arboth to do it. He had become convinced that as he gave his arm for RaDos, he no longer owed anyone anything.

After he removed the Mech-Arm and regenerated his arm, his mind became clear and he realized what he had done. He reversed the regeneration saving Arboth, and destroyed the machine's control panel sending the tower crashing down to the ground. Seth quit the Defenders for the inexplicable acts he committed.

Second ModelEdit

Erik began working on the second model after Seth had left, which Seth received once he returned to the Defenders. At first it seemed like a normal metallic hand, but when Seth prepared to cast his Di-Gata stones it transformed into an arm-cannon, containing the stones within its mechanism. When it fired the stones, the spell is summoned and the cannon reverted to a claw mechanism. The stones used are contained within it and Seth had control over the direction the spell is fired, allowing for improved accuracy and control in battles.