RaDos is the planet home to the world of Di-Gata.

Notable MentionsEdit

  • It orbits three suns.
  • It has three moons, named Yamagat, Ogama-Yor and Bakkor-Yah.
  • It is split up into eight provinces, each governed separately.
  • It is connected to the Dark Realm, in another dimension.
  • No creature actually dies, as their sigil energy goes back into the bedrock of RaDos.
  • The seasons last longer on RaDos.
  • RaDosian holidays are based on moon and sun cycles, like Yan Sumonos (Spring Solstice).
  • Time is charted by the moon, not by days or weeks, and is measured by the next moon change (ie. crescent to half).
  • As RaDos is controlled by a mystical energy that is difficult to quantify and is controlled in a psuedo-spiritual manner, the need to be accurate in terms of temperature is just not there.