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Omniaxor was Aron's guardian.


It is a three legged, pot-bellied giant. It has yellow eyes, brown hair, and rock armour, consisting of gauntlets, a helmet, and shoulder plates. It is the only known guardian who has the ability of speech.

Omniaxor is capable of tremendous strength, and can hurl energy blasts from its hands.


After the Spell of Binding was cast, the Gata-Shin Monks placed it as protector of the Pinnacle, which infuriated it. For a long time, it became convinced that the Wizards of Yan sacrificed the Defenders.

When the Defenders came to bring Mel's wizard powers under control, it engaged Seth in battle. In the process, it destroyed Kragus for getting in the way of an attack that was meant for Seth. However, Mel emerged under complete control of her powers, sending Omniaxor back into its stone.


In "Dark Descent", Seth summons Omniaxor to ask it what happened in the location of the Spell of Binding, but Omniaxor returned to it stone, unable to bear the sight of the Spell Zone.

Later, in "What Lies Beneath", it reveals to Seth that it did not mean to destroy Kragus, and cause Seth to merge with his guardian. It then becomes Seth's new guardian, pledging itself as "The Guardian of Seth, Son of Aaron".  When Kragus was separated from Seth, Omniaxor merges with it, seeing as they both serve the same master, creating Omnikrag.