First Appearance

What Lies Beneath

Voiced by

Melanie Tonello

Maia is a 6-year old girl with special eyes.

Special SightEdit

Maia's violet Sum eyes do not see what people look like on the outside, but show her who they are at heart. Examples of this power included seeing Seth as a pure-hearted being (despite being merged), while seeing Brackus as an evil, demonic entity.

When she appears again, her eyes and power change. Her eyes are now red, and the Sum sigil has formed a henge with Dako. She cannot see into people's hearts, but she now has the ability to see into the future (something she does not appreciate, as her visions are generally dark and sinister).


In her first appearance, she was on her way to what she calls 'The Safe Place', presumably Arboth, and came across Seth and Omniaxor. She revealed herself after Seth deserted Omniaxor at the Dojo, and they decided that Seth would listen to her if she asked him to return to the Defenders, instead of Omniaxor.

She came to visit the Defenders with more children that want to become Defenders, but was later thrown out with them for suspicion of stealing an Ethos canister from the vault. Seth later realized, however, that she might have been framed, since the canister was stolen before her arrival at the Dojo.

Brackus manipulated Maia and Roodu into retrieving the four Icons from the sunken Prime RaDosian starship. She later saw what she presumed to be Seth murdering Brackus, as she had seen in her vision, when in fact he was granting him mercy. Seth later told her the truth after she saved him from Sigil Slayers.

After of the Ethos' defeat, Maia witnessed bright orbs appearing in the sky.