Madame Leizel




Ogama, Dako


The Eye

First Appearance

Ms. Fortune

Voiced by

Ellen-Ray Hennessy

Madame Leizel is a fortune teller, who is controlled by her overpowering guardian.

Her guardian reveals future events to her, but it must feed on the past to do so. Whenever she predicts the future, it is in unclear riddles.


As Leizel's guardian is stronger than her, it forces her to kidnap people in the guise of a travelling circus for fresh memories. She makes her captives wear crystal necklaces, which cause the wearer lose their memory, and allow her to peer into the future.

It is not until the Defenders defeat her guardian and return it to its stone that Leizel takes back control of the Eye. However, she knows that her guardian will never leave her, and accepts her future.

Involvement With the DefendersEdit

When the Defenders helped out her travelling circus, Leizel discloses future events to Mel. She hints to her about the existence of the ninth sigil, and that Mel is a Wizard of Yan.

While in the Rougon base, Kara runs into Leizel, who begins to explain the Pure Stone's power, but is briefly taken over by Nazmul. He exclaims that the Wizard is his, revealing that he plans to use Mel as his host body.

Involvement With BrackusEdit

She reveals to Brackus how he could destroy Nazmul once for all using the Nova Stone as a prison to contain his spirit, and telling him that the "Lost One" had it, which is Adam. But her reward for giving him the information inevitably lead her to her banishment to the Dark Realm, where she is now a wraith amongst the dark spirits that inhabit the realm. Even in this state, she told Kara to go to the Tower of No-Ah to escape the Dark Realm.


  • Eight was once nine, and soon will be again.
  • A talent both strong and rare stirs within you.
  • A member of your team will be taken from you. They will remain close, but always out of reach.
  • The wheel comes around once more. Nega unites with Dako, and Yin eclipses Yan.
  • One seeks entry, one to be whole, one to remember, one to destroy all.
  • Four are one.
  • A trap of stone to bind his soul. There is one grown in secrecy who will bear this gift.
  • Nova by name, prison by function. The prisoner is the architect, builder of his own undoing.


  • She appears as an enemy in the Karkin region of the DS game.
  • In "The Returning", it is revealed that she and Brim know each other, and he mentions that she serves different masters other than Brackus.