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The Heart Stone

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Lydia is a deceitful girl, who hates the Amphitigons.


Lydia betrayed her people by stealing the Heart Stone, which belonged to the Amphitigons. She intended to use it just for the RaDosians, believing them to be the only beings on RaDos worthy of the stone's energy, claiming the Amphitigons didn't deserve it because she thought they were ugly.

Her vehicle crashed during her escape, so she called on the Defenders for help. Mel, Erik, and Adam arrived to keep the pursuing party of Amphitigons from harming her, but lost the Heart Stone to them.

Lie to DefendersEdit

Lydia them told them that her brother had been abducted by the Amphitigons, and the stone was a family heirloom. They travel to the Amphitigons camp (although Mel is separated from them) to steal the Stone back and save Lydia's brother. They succeed with the stone, but then Lydia insists they leave without her brother.

Upon Seth's arrival, the group is then captured by the Amphitigons. Lydia's brother arrives with the creatures' princess, who both explain that the Heart Stone was going to be shared between the two races. Lydia escapes the camp, but the Defenders and the Amphitigons outrun her. She threatens to destroy the Heart Stone but is fortunately stopped. The Heart Stone took minor damage, but was still usable.