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Trouble in Paradise

Kragus was Seth's guardian.


It is a rock giant. Kragus requires a sizeable portion of ground to construct its body. The stronger the materials are, the more hardened Kragus becomes.

It attacks with its massive strength, and it can also shoot out its arms using Rock Slam.


Kragus was destroyed by Omniaxor but transferred itself into Seth's body, giving Seth enormous strength and power. However, the merge also gives Seth Kragus' aggressive personality. Kragus is presumed dead until the merge is discovered in "The Cycle". Before the discovery, Seth was having strange and sudden bursts of strength, and was able to absorb large amounts of energy from weapons before getting exhausted.

The merge takes a drastic toll on Seth's body in "What Lies Beneath". Now, the top half of his body, his neck and his right arm have turned into rock, and a stone mask forms over his face when in battle. Although he was offered a piece of Di-Gata Ore from Melosa in Arboth, which would purge Seth from Kragus at the cost of Kragus' death, he decides not to because he does not want to lose him Kragus again.

In "Ethos", a Megalith-possessed woman separates Kragus from Seth with an attack, leaving Kragus badly weakened and unable to return to a stone. Omniaxor decides to merge with Kragus to save its spirit, forming Omnikrag.


  • It has a mini-form, which is very docile compared to its larger form.
  • It appears as a usable guardian in the DS game.