The History of RaDos involves an alien race's cultivation of another planet.


Before the "RaDosians" arrived in this world, mystical beings called the Primordials roamed the realm. Their bodies used mystical energies as their life force. As they died, their life force leeched into the rocks of Di-Gata mountains.


The humans, or Prime RaDosians, came from another planet. These aliens were black skinned, white haired individuals with glowing blue eyes. However, they were struck with a life-destroying Toten' Ka virus, which had spread across their planet and killed millions. A small team of Prime RaDosians escaped from their planet on a starship.

The RaDosians soon landed on RaDos, caused by a stowaway creature named the Raath-Marak. Under RaDos' sun, their skin colour soon became lighter. They eventually exiled the original inhabitants, the Mortagarians, to live under the sea. The people that live in RaDos as of the current timeline are the descendants of these first RaDosians. Man was then able to mine the enchanted rocks found in the mountains, but were only able to recover energy from eight of the eleven sigils. Many rocks were mined by man, then carved into dice-like Di-Gata stones, and these were then carved with the sigil their power contained.

From this point onward, anyone who used these stones were called stone casters or stone-slingers. It was believed that the first people who used these stones of power were called the Che-Brek tribe. This tribe was also the first to document the arrival of the human race onto the planet. They created a monument, which served as a tribute to those who first tamed Di-Gata stones. This monument is also an ancient training ground that is sigil-hardened to withstand attack.

Bakkorian Kings Edit

They were a loose confederation of kings that ruled they provinces that are now known as Yintos, Nega-La and Infinor (including some outlying settlements in Sumos). They claimed to have ancestry back to the tribes of Che-Brek and were a rather demanding, superstitious and cruel masters who dealt harshly with those who disaggreed with them. The Bakkorian Princes were an elite cadre of Royal Di-Gata stone fighters that were some of the first to wield guardian stones


During the Bakkorian period, a group formed called the Wizards of Yan. They knew that the immense power of the stones may eventually fall into the wrong hands, and were entrusted with keeping peace and balance throughout the realm. They trained an elite group of Di-Gata Defenders to protect RaDos from those who would seek to use the Di-Gata stones for harm.


The children of Defenders become Defenders themselves, after rigorous training and once they reach a certain age. Defender training starts early, mostly around the age of six. They learn lot about sigil-philosophy, the history of RaDos and its culture. They train through vigorous activities such as Di-Gata battles.