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Notes from the Underground

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Geo is a girl who lives underground with her grandmother, Mata. She has never seen the surface world before and dreams of one day seeing it.

The SourceEdit

She stumbles across Seth after he threatened to attack her pet. She then gets saved by Seth with the help of Omnikrag after she tried to protect her pet from one of the Gore Eaters. She takes him to her home, only to find that her grandmother had captured the rest of the Defenders. She persuaded her not to harm them.

Geo shows Seth the secret of their existence underground - a piece of the Celestial Abyss called the Source. With this source, their tribe was able to live underground in prosperity until all that was left was Geo and her grandmother.

Seth didn't want to harm their society, but they needed the Celestial Abyss, so he engages in a conversation with her about her dream: The surface world. He confesses to her about the trick when they are pinned by Kor-Yinan's attack spell. After he escapes with the Source, Mel uses her Wizard Powers to rise the settlement to the surface. She forgives Seth for tricking her, as her dream of going to the surface world came true.