General Hod







First Appearance

Escape from Ogama-Gor

Voiced by

Ron Pardo

General Hod is the general dictator of Ogama-Gor.


He is placed in charge of collecting energy for a Dako-generator weapon, which is to help Brackus in his conquest of RaDos. This weapon is kept under secrecy, and creating the Containment Stones which stored its power often gave away what was happening, as it caused huge power surges.

The WeaponEdit

Although everything is going on schedule, Brackus orders him to halt operations, as the time is not right. But Hod goes against his wishes and continues the Dako collection, much to Brackus' anger.

Much like Brackus, he has his own interests in controlling the realm, and plans to use the weapon to do so. The weapon would be so powerful that all of RaDos would look towards Ogama-Gor for leadership, and not even the Order of Infinis could stand in his way.

However, before he has enough power for the weapon, he is confronted by Seth. Hod summons his guardian, but he is no match or Seth, and the weapon is destroyed. For his failure, Brackus punishes him by sealing Hod into a Containment Stone.


  • He wears a wig.