Gata-Shin Monks
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Wizards of Yan

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Trouble in Paradise

The Gata-Shin Monks are a group who follow the orders of the Wizards of Yan.

Description Edit

Closely allied to the wizards and the Di-Gata Defenders, the Gata-Shin Monks are all that remains of the structure of the old regime. Their Monasteries are scattered across RaDos, mainly in the province of Yantos.


Four Monks each carried a Pure Stone and hid them in faraway locations. One Monk was given food and shelter by a shaman during his quest, and in return gave him a rare stone. Another Monk was attacked by the Gisli during his trek, and lost the Pure Stone which fell down a crevasse.

The Monks took the young Defenders to the Dojo after the Spell of Binding was cast, with the exception of Adam. After Alnar's death sealing the Megalith, the Monks placed his spirit into the Life Stone so he could continue training the Defenders. They also guarded the Key, which was hidden in the Monastery of Amos-Yan. They were to keep the Key safe until the Defenders were ordered to retrieve it.

A sub-sect of these Monks operate the Gata-Shin Prison, used for criminals that use RaDos' power for evil. They intend on rehabilitating their prisoners until they are no longer evil, although some prisoners escape before they finish their sentence. Three people who were prisoners at one time are Adam, Kid Cole, and Si'i.

Known Monks Edit