Yin, Infinis



First Appearance

Trouble in Paradise

Voiced by

Ron Rubin

Flinch is the Order of Infinis' inventor. He takes credit for others' ideas and travels with Malco.


Flinch is a brilliant scientist and inventor. He prefers to work alone, but is often sent out on missions because no one else can work out how to use his machines and gizmos. He is a smart-alec with a sharp wit and a quick tongue. However, when it comes to physical confrontation you'll see a different side of him - his backside - as he runs away in terror! Flinch often teams up with his complete opposite Malco, to form a villainous but often bumbling evil duo.

Before the timeline, he invented the Celestial Abyss that the Wizards used to banish the Ethos from RaDos. Back then, he appeared the same except he wore glasses.


Like Brackus , he mostly had his own intentions in mind. For loyalty, he seems to find himself in a point where he has to choose which master he must follow. Disobeying the other often led to dire consequences. He was often threatened by others to do things he doesn't want to do. Seth and Malco were the biggest abuser during these situations. But when the order fell apart, Flinch was free from obedience and he declared himself as his "own man". However, this freedom did not last long, as he is seen again with Malco after this fact.

He travels with Malco, figuring out a way to free Nazmul from the confines of the Nova Stone, and he gets news of Brim, who has been imprisoned. He captures him after the Defenders battle the prison guard. He later takes him to a mountain where a crystal that can break open the Nova Stone lies. He forces him to break it open and also to become the host body for Nazmul, but fails and runs off after the Defenders and Brackus intervene. When he returns, he finds Malco, resurrected by Ethos as their emissary and is forced to work for them.

As of the episode "The Horn of Neglos", he is a double agent to Brackus. Lady K'tahsh is the only member of the Ethos that knows of this treachery, as she was spying on Flinch during one of their communications (Flinch thought that she was still sleeping after he drugged her water).

List of SpellsEdit

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  • He appears as a mini-boss in the DS game.