Eternity Stone
EternityStone (1)


Ultra Rare

Sigil Type

Yin, Dako, Infinis, Yan

First Appearance

Back Track

The Eternity Stone is a stone used by the Wizards of Yan to go back into the past.


Mel finds the Eternity Stone in the Temple of Yan-Sumos. She uses this stone and the staff given by a mysterious spirit in order to transport herself into the past. She ends up in the midst of the Battle of Yan-Sumos fifty years prior to the main storyline. When Mel and the other Wizards banish the Ethos to the Dark Realm, Mel's grandmother uses the Eternity Stone to send Mel back to her time.

Erik theorizes that the Eternity Stone might tamper with the laws of temporal mechanics in which time is actually a loop instead of a straight line.


  • The spell "Yanus Sum Altas" is used to go into the past, and the spell "Altas Yin Sumos" is used to go back to the present.