Erik's Gauntlet


Stone Launcher

Bound To


First Appearance

Trouble in Paradise

The Gauntlet used by Erik launches and activates his stones. He describes it as a "remote energy manipulation gauntlet".


His gauntlet can also do other functions like control Robotus, activate other machines, and bio-scans. In "Ms. Fortune", it also gave him super strength by using its backup power to operate, however it released a discharge when held on for too long. After this episode ended, this power was inaccessible because the cells that stored this energy were diminished.

Erik added a new function he called the Backlasher. It was designed to absorb energy and redirect it back at its attacker. However, he had problems with the energy flow. Luckily, Von Faustien gave him a sigil flux crystal, which came in handy to contain the energies of an Annihilator Stone.