Back Track
Ep34 (1)
Season 3, Episode 8
Airdate October 28, 2007
Production No. 308
Writers Frank Young
Directors Greg Collinson
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Back Track is the eighth episode of the third season.


Erik, Rion and Brackus come upon the wreckage of the Monastery where later, Seth and Mel appear to have survived the collapse. Meanwhile, Flinch orders the Zads to take care of the remaining Defenders. Mel finds the Eternity Stone, to which Brackus explains that with a Wizard's powers, they can travel through time. However, time travel is to be taken with caution as history should not be tampered with. Mel does not heed their warnings, and travels back in time to the Battle of Yan-Sumos and meets her grandmother. In this time, the Yintos Army is allied with the Wizards of Yan. However, Mel freaks when seeing Nazmul and believing that he is trying to help the Ethos and freezes the weapon meant to stop them, known as the Celestial Abyss. As a result, the future is changed and the Zad have become more pig-like, bigger and more vicious.

Inside the temple, the Defenders and Brackus find a tablet dictating how the Ethos used illusions to distract the defenses of the Monastery and form a sneak attack in the underground tunnels. In the past, Mel's grandmother warned her not to inform too many people of the future, while Rion transforms and defeats the Zad. Using Erik's knowledge of time, he sends a message to Mel in the past through the use of Robotus, informing her about the ambush. Mel then warns the Wizards, and they set up their own trap within the temple. They manage to get to the weapon and defeat the Ethos.

As a result, the future is restored, the Zads in the future disappear, and a tablet showing Brackus using the weapon is put in place, to symbolize the Wizard's victory. Mel insists to her grandmother that the weapon mustn't be disassembled. She then gives Mel five stones, that will reveal the Icons (the name given to the Celestial Abyss pieces) location when the time is right. Mel returns to the present using the Eternity Stone and reunites with the Defenders.


Di-Gata Defenders S3E08 - "Back Track"

Di-Gata Defenders S3E08 - "Back Track"